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If you run a business or just fancy building a fanbase for your instagram or Facebook account we can help.

For less than £8 or $10 a day including weekly prizes a month and we handle everything. We buy the prizes, pick the winners, handle all the emails and post out the winners’ prizes. You just sit back and we will send you hundreds of new potential customer emails to your inbox and all for the price or a daily visit to Starbucks in your lunch break.

We love competitions!
At Jackalope interactive we love making people happy and nothing makes people happier than winning free stuff. It’s really easy to enter our giveaway, just follow the instructions to enter and you will receive an email very soon telling you if you have won the Jacka-awesome prize. Also if you don’t win this time, just by signing up to our mailing list you will be automatically entered into future competitions and giveaways as an honorary Jackalope.
Good luck and remember #here_be_jackalopes
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