Periodic Table of Fictional Metals - interactive infographic

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Periodic Table of Fictional Metals interactive infographic

The Client
A leading provider of heat treatment services, Bodycote, approached us to create an interactive design to attract more links to their website from relevant sources and to improve awareness of the brand by broadening the audience scope.

Our solution
We produced an interactive periodic table looking at popular fictional metals to increase shareability and awareness of the Bodycote brand among a variety of online audiences.

1) To improve visibility
2) To get relevant links to the website
3) Get people talking about the brand on social networks

We posted various Twitter card and Facebook Open Graph images across twitter quizzing people on various fictional metals and pointing them to the client’s website. We sent the piece out to a number of industry specific journalists and posted it on industry specific blogs. To further increase its range we promoted it on a set of Subreddits within technology and on social media sites including Stumbleupon, Twitter and Facebook.


The Radio Times website picked up on the story and featured it along with a link back to the Bodycote site. Mentions of the piece appeared on industry specific websites and our Open Graph and Twitter card images were shared. We also received links from various industry specific blogs and websites mentioning the piece.

Main categories for external links:
Business / Mining and Drilling
Business / Industrial Goods and Services
Business / Materials
Computers / Internet

Popular and Industry-specific sites that featured the Periodic Table of Fictional Metals included:

The piece got onto the front page of Reddit sparking a discussion across the two geek subreddits of I_Love-Reddit and /r/doctorwho which resulted in a massive traffic influx for the Bodycote website.

Lasting results

Aside from the piece featuring on the above sites, Bodycote has maintained its position in the SERPS under a variation of relevant terms:

‘fictional metals’ (Google Position: 5 (also dominates image results))
‘periodic table metals’ (Google Position: 11)
‘periodic table of metal’ (Google Position: 17)
Engineering magazine (June 2016)
Bodycote’s interactive periodic table featured in Engineering magazine June 2016.


This Doctor Who and Star Wars periodic table makes science more pop culture-friendly. The best fictional materials in TV, film and other media just got more scientifically accurate

Radio Times

Reddit screenshot
Appearing in Engineering magazine (June 2016)

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Modal box example

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