Evolution of the Modern Office - interactive infographic

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Evolution of the Modern Office interactive infographic

The Client
Alternative finance provider, Syscap, approached us to try a different approach to marketing their services online.

The Brief
The client was looking to increase relevant traffic to the website and improve Syscap’s visibility in the search engines.

1) Drive relevant traffic to the Syscap website
2) Get Syscap showing up for relevant terms on Google

Our solution
We produced a responsive interactive timeline which looked at the evolution of the modern office from the 1950s to modern day and included real-life comments from people who had worked with the different technologies. Using nostalgia in technology boosted interest in the piece.

We posted links to the interactive on a well read technology blog, shared the piece across a range of social networks. We also promoted the piece on Reddit across various subreddits to gain traction and sent it out to a number of journalists.

Immediate results

An increase of 114% in traffic to the Syscap website
A 70% increase in users on the website
30% increase in page views

Lasting results

Syscap has maintained its position in the SERPS under a variation of relevant terms:

‘office technology’ (1st page Google Images)
‘modern office’ (Google Position: 5)
‘modern office technology’ (Google Position: 3)
‘office tech infographic’ (Google Position: 4)
‘office technology infographic’ (Google Position: 2)
‘evolution of the office’ (Google Position: 3)

We recently worked with the team at Jackalope on two projects on a trial basis, one of which was an interactive infographic. The result was a 114% increase in traffic to our website. The infographic was our single largest driver of traffic in terms of content this year. I would highly recommend them for their approach and dedication and commitment to providing a quality service and look forward to working with them again in the future.



Syscap’s interactive infographic appeared at number 1 in Google News for 2 months for the terms ‘modern office’ and ‘office technology’ which resulted in a high volume of relevant traffic to the website.

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