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Competition management


Competition management

Having access to potentially thousands of new customer emails is a priceless resource for any business and with 72% of people preferring to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media and the average order value being 3x higher with email. Utilizing online competitions means you could be tapping into more high value sales at a low cost to your business.

Our online competition management service helps you grow your email list within hours and you could be compiling a list of over 1,500 new customers per month over a year at approx 24p per email. For under £12 a day you get full service online competition management including page set-up, planning, a weekly prize (based on your industry) and social sharing that will guarantee traffic. We choose the winners and send them the prizes, all you have to do is say ‘YES’, it’s that easy.

But that’s not all as we will advise you using awesome growth hacking tips on how to run an email marketing campaign and convert your new email list into sales.

Start building your email list with online competitions for as little as:

£517 for one month
(4 weekly competitions – potential emails 1,500+)
£467 a month (10% discount)
(£1401) 3 months – potential emails 3,000+
£377 a month ( 20% discount)
(£2262) 6 months – potential emails 6,000+
£347 a month (30% discount)
(£4164) 12 months – potential emails over 12,000
Each package includes four weekly prizes each month, set-up, postage and email collection per week.

The benefits of hosting a competition over 12 months means that people will already be aware of the URL and could sign up to its RSS, giving you repeat visitors.

Full service online competition management explained
Setting up is easy – You decide on what type of prizes you want to offer (ie: kitchen gadgets, beauty, pet accessories etc) and we do the rest. It is that simple, you don’t even have to host the competitions on your website, although we’d advise that you do as the additional traffic could boost your conversions.

How it works

1. You sign-up to the service between 1 – 12 months.
2. We set up the competition on our software.
3. We send you a small piece of code to add to your website (if you don’t have access to change website content, we will host the competition for only £25 extra a month).
4. We promote the competition via all sorts of social channels to get as many entries as possible.
5. We pick a winner.
6. We purchase the product and post to the winner.
7. We send you a CSV document full of emails and advice on turning it into customers.
8. You contact potential new customers with an offer or service or to let them know about a new competition.
9. Replace competition code with new code and repeat again.

Activate your competition management package today and contact Jackalope Interactive’s competition team now.