About Jackalope Interactive


Interactive content such as apps, interactive infographics, quizzes etc are active and are proven to be over 70% more successful than passive flat content. Interactive content plugs into your website in a way that it engages the reader and/or customer and activates them to interact with your products or services.

The Jackalope Interactive experience

Jackalope Interactive content is borne from the idea of digital collaboration, storytelling and a way to get customers into the buying narrative. Just like the mythical Jackalope whose very name is a portmanteau of jackrabbit and antelope; a combination of 2 different animals, Jackalope interactive content uses a variation of epic design, new code techniques and growth hacking to give each piece of content the best chance of success online.

Content unique to you

We can produce interactive online content for your website for as little as £750. Activate your audience now.